This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the Coachella Music Festival located in the Indio desert of Southern California. Perhaps the most acclaimed of all music festivals, Coachella hosts a broad assortment of acts from all over the world and across the spectrum of genres. While typically used as a polo field, for two weekends each year these grounds are completely transformed into a wonderland of Oooo’s and Ahhhhh’s courtesy of Goldenvoice (the company responsible for the event). This is officially the most profitable event in the world with GA tickets costing $380 a pop. Forget VIP! Approximately 120k people showed up PER weekend. Thats over a quarter of a million tickets sold, not to mention vending revenue! Although ‘professional’ cameras are prohibited, I was able to sneak in my DSLR for the majority of the show, and managed not to smash it to bits (despite all the organized chaos and drug induced depravity). Hope you enjoy my photos and synopsis…


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- Obligatory ferris wheel photo -

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The idea at festivals like this is to discover new music. Of course a certain few acts get you through the door (I wouldn’t have purchased a ticket if it weren’t for the Outkast reunion headlining day 1).  But once inside, there may be significant down time in between the acts you really came for, so thusly it’s wise to wonder off and discover something new. I was unfamiliar with Broken Bells before last weekend started, but stumbled upon their set and was thoroughly impressed. About halfway in, I mention to my buddy that one of the guys looks like Danger Mouse. Sure enough it was, and this is his new project. Learning something new!


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And not before long, the moment was upon us! The fabled reunion of OUTKAST! I perpetually avoided all media coverage of week 1, after hearing loads of bad reviews about this Outkast performance. Of course this is their first time back on stage for about 6 years. Lots of rumors of a disconnect between the all-ages crowd, and the early 90′s content of their set list. But they clearly silenced ALL the critics with their week 2 performance. Leaving a super fan such as myself with not an ounce of disappointment. Wow! Just prior to their set, was Chromeo who completely smashed the stage as well. I guess I was vibing too hard to snap a pic!


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Day 2 Pre-Party festivities at the 666 House.  All the heads know what I’m talkembout!


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 Do Lab stage. Wish I would’ve snapped a pic of this at night! Was incredible lighting to say the least.


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 Kid Cudi goes extra pop.


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 This was about the time on Saturday where things got pretty weird.


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Pharrell was likely the second best performance of the weekend in my mind. With a red carpet ensemble of surprise guest appearances, the crowd was repeatedly blown away by the scope of his work. Featured guests included T.I., Pusha T, Usher, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, and the Jaberwalkees. Totally thought Daft Punk was gonna come out too, but no-dice.


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 Nas closes out on Saturday with a celebration of 20 years (to the day) since the release of Illmatic. Legendary!


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Day 3:  Each day starting like the rest, with the classic deli taste of good ol’ Sherman’s!  Palm Springs may have been a trek from the festival grounds, but at least our hotel was adjacent to this delicious dining option. Big up my P.I.C. Kenny Ray Gimpmode!


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 - Holy Ghost!  House vibes for Sunday Funday / 420 -


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Rudimental was another group I was not familiar with, beside this one tune that Andy C remixed most recently. Kenny Ray suggested we check em out, and wowza! I’ve never seen such a large scale LIVE DnB in my lifetime. They definitely got some new fans on this one!


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Little Dragon was nothing short of incredible! Such a remarkable tone and quality to her voice. Only learned of this group last year when Marcus Intalex remixed on of their tunes, which I featured in my summer mix last year. Another note worthy performance from Sunday evening was most certainly Solange (Beyonce’s sister) with such an outstanding voice and performance. Strongly suggest adding these lovely ladies to your Spotify playlist this week.


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 Good times in life! Thanks for joining me K Ray!


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