We aren’t just a label, we are fans of this music. As a matter of fact, we are fans FIRST. I am of the notion that not everybody should be a DJ or producer. It’s OK to just be a fan of this music, a patron of the events, and to just have genuine love for this artform without having to muck it up with your own ego to be recognized. So with that being said, here are some of the particular cuts that I found to be choice for this fall and beyond to the end of time. Remember: Future Music.


1) Ulterior Motive – The Fourth Wall LP – Metalheadz

What can I even say about this LP besides that fact that Metalheadz can obviously do NO wrong in my mind whatsoever. Although there are a few cuts that don’t quite fit the Metalheadz sound, I suppose thats just this production duo maintaining a degree of artist integrity regardless of the imprint. Props to them, this LP is a killer. Stand out tunes are ‘Edges’ and ‘Chapters’ Feat. Mayhem Lauren. That was a pleasant surprise! Biggest tune is definitely the single ‘Tape Pack’, and damn its a banger.




2) Break – They’re Wrong (Calibre Rmx) – Symmetry

Soft and sultry as only Calibre can do it. This tune has all the elements I enjoy in a tune, rolling drums, great sampling, with effective keys and synth overlay. The tune progresses nicely, and almost makes you forget that it’s even a remix. Break, who? Naw, but Symmetry has been on a roll lately with the heater releases. A must cop on vinyl for the Calibre fans, like myself.




3) Submorphics – Long Been Gone – SGN LTD

Greg is the homie! And we are definitely proud of him and his recent successful release on SGN LTD. That’s a major move, now we just hope he doesn’t forget about the little guys over at Prestige Music! ‘Rosewood / Long Been Gone’ are both excellent productions, but clearly I’ve chosen a favorite. Sorry again to G, about Dankone putting it in that mix a little too early for comfort!




4) Lurch – One Kind of Blues EP – Think Deep

Lurch has arguably come out of now where with a very mature sound and sublime production skills. Quickly rising up the ranks, he’s got forthcoming bits on a number of reputable imprints. This Think Deep EP is quite exceptional, to say the very least. Very chill, and deep, with out being too liquid. Although if you simply added a few more tracks you’d be closer to an LP with this one. Also look out for that forthcoming biz on Intrigue. Don’t be surprised if you see a Lurch production in the Prestige catalog before too long.




5) Pennygiles – Stories (Nymfo Rmx) – IM:LTD

Another artist we’ve been keeping a close watch on is Pennygiles. This Welshman has already established himself among the best of the new breed, and for good reason. This particular cut gets the refix from our buddy Bardo aka Nymfo, and is due out on 12″ for IM:LTD. Slow ascending bass riffs couple with some nice echoing synths and of course a classy vocal snippet to tie it all together. Definitely another choice cut if I do say so myself.




6) Total Science – So Addicted EP – Warm Communications

The vocal definitely sets this off. Haven’t heard Grimm on a vocal track that I didn’t like. The dude is one of the few gifted male vocalists we have left in DnB, and we all hope he keeps at it despite the lack of recognition he may get. Of course he has our love and admiration, for this and his many other contributions to this music. Together with the legendary outfit that is Total Science, this Warm Communications EP is poised to do some rounds on the dancefloor this fall. Definitely earns the spot on this season’s top 10 tunes.




7) Kill Paris – Silence of Heartbreak (Random Movement Rmx) 

This one may be more ‘liquid-y’ than I’m preferring these days, and I’m not even familiar with Kill Paris until recently. But damn this tune is catchy, and that vocal fits very well with Random Movements signature production style. You can always tell a Random Movement tune when you hear it, and thats definitely a good thing for any producer to strive for. Props on this one! (and for that glorious beard).




8) Technimatic – Desire Paths LP – Shogun Audio

This one went completely under my radar. I guess at times it’s hard to be up-to-date on all releases, especially when you’re into multi-genre, but that is no excuse. Shogun Audio is among my top 5 imprints, and Technimatic has been underrated for far too long. This LP may not have seen a vinyl release, surely the productions are of that quality standard I’ve come to expect from Shogun. My personal stand out cuts include the very impressive drum edits in ‘One Way’, and also the minimal goodness of ‘Innermost’. Very choice!




9) RoyGreen & Protone – Jazzpants EP – Innerground

Vienna label mates RoyGreen & Protone should also be on your list of producers to watch. You may be familiar with their Prestige Release from last year, but if not this Innerground EP should make you pay attention. Although its lighter than the usual RG&P production, it is not without it’s hint of Jazz (hence the title). As a sort of stepper, this EP features lush keys, soft brass, sultry vocal sampling, and great technique throughout. Not mad at the collab with Big Bud either! Would love to hear this sound from a live band. Fellas? How’s that live instrumentation coming along?




10) Zero T – Rosewood / Hurricane Charlie – Prestige Music

Well last but certainly not least is the next vinyl release due out on Prestige Music. Although the plan was for a September release, looks like vinyls will be available closer to mid-October. But damn, these tunes have been making the rounds! Loads of DJ support, and for good reason. And not just one tune or the other, but BOTH getting that major player love. Keep the support coming and maybe find that digital exclusive in our webshop right now! (Sssssshhh!)