Our little label project that could has been on the scene for about 8 years now. What started out as a passion project has evolved from a radio show, to a clubnight series, and then on to a fully-fledged record label. It’s not about money, props, or even gigs –and it never was. Actually not many true heads are into this DnB thing for the loot. Just about each and every one of us have day jobs with adult responsibilities. It’s always been about contributing to a culture that we’ve grown to love so much, creating a platform, and facilitating advancement. The sound represents us and we want to properly represent the music. But what has become obvious to both LT and myself, is that we want to see the label grow and gain momentum as a sought-after imprint that can be a home for many great artists across the globe. We’ve decided that in order to go from being a hobby-type label to a more consistently-releasing endeavor, we needed to enlist support. Fellow LA-area junglist, Gabriel Barrere (DJ Habit) is a skilled and passionate producer/DJ from around the way, and we are more than stoked he is joining the squad to help push the effort forward. We’ve been seeing Habit around the scene for years, he’s always been supportive of what Prestige has been up to. With his help we will begin to step things up on all fronts. So far this year has been dreadfully slow. We’ve only had one release hit stores so far (Level 2), and our first plate for 2015 will drop next month, hopefully (Altitude). But to be a reputable contender in this music thing, we are going to need to step it up a few notches. Expect to hear much in the way of updates from LT Smash, Gabriel Habit, and myself before the year is through. On the immediate horizon we’ve got Eveson, Random Movement and Nymfo all scheduled for 12″ release. For PMD, we’ve got Chap & Andrezz, Satl, Flaco, Joakuim, Physics, and many more slated. So here’s to stepping it up! Gabe, welcome to the Prestige Music Group my man!




SOUNDCLOUD : https://soundcloud.com/djhabit 





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